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HS-6121 Series single-phase energy meter pressure test device

It is suitable for measurement and testing center of electric power company, measurement department of power supply company and energy meter manufacturer.

This test bench used for withstand voltage testing of all kind of single-phase energy meters, such as single-phase electronic energy meter, single-phase prepayment energy meter, single-phase multi-function energy meter and single-phase intelligent energy meter etc. 


◆ Can separately do withstand voltage test for single-phase energy meters, its test process is be performed manually.

◆ The output voltage values and leakage current protective values can be manually set or set by PC

◆ Set emergency stop button can quickly and expediently cut off power source and suspend testing

◆ Set sound-light alarm unit, it will remind the operator when the unqualified meter found

◆ It has protection unit, the high voltage testing will be automatic stopped when the person close to the high voltage areas. 

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