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HS-6303 Shree-phase energy meter testing bench

HS-6303 three-phase energy meter testing bench adopts SPWM digital power source technology, comprises high grade standard digital watt-hour meter, multi-path voltage transformer, can implement multi-station high accuracy error testing.

This testing bench configurates humanized PC processing software, can provide integrated solution of the energy meter automatic check. Meanwhile, it provides the requested DLL of the second development, has improved the self-control and management for the bench by customer.

This testing bench can be widely used for the energy meter measurement and testing in electric power, water conservancy, traffic transportation and colliery departments, as well as the energy meter testing and production of the energy meter manufacturer.

This series of testing bench can test all kind of single phase energy meters, single phase multi-function meters, single phase intelligent meters, other meters with special wiring and ANSI standard meter. It is an ideal new generation multi-station energy meter testing device.


 base on A/D and DSP technology

 adopt precise digital synthesized technology and sine PWM technology

 adopt intelligent system control technology, multi-CPU coprocessing technology

 reliable multi-path pulse testing and precise error testing treatment technology

 SPWM technology power amplifier, large capacity, high performance, low power consumption, automatic warning protection

 Error processor of each station distributed networking, heavy current protection, support multi-path pulse signal input

 Can configurate serial server, implement parallel communication of multi-station, improve work efficiency

 Modular design, have good universality of parts, easy to disassemble and maintain

 One-button checking and control management system, automatic finish as per the project

 Standard cabinet, aluminum alloy frame, nicer and stronger

 Customized as per specific function

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