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HS-9303H Three Phase High Voltage Electric Energy Meter Testing Device

HS-9303H Three phase high voltage electric energy meter test device adopts high power SPWM digital amplifier technology,configurats high class digital reference meter、high voltage transformer、high voltage power current transformer and step-up transformer,etc.This device is suitable for high accuracy energy meter error testing. Supplying PC control  software and Dll for developing .

The device can be applied to high voltage watt-hour meter measuring, verification of the power sector and watt-hour meter manufacturers of high-voltage watt-hour meter calibration and production. This series of products can calibrate all kinds of high-voltage three-phase watt-hour meter, high-voltage three-phase multi-function watt-hour meter, is a new generation of ideal multi-table a high-voltage watt-hour meter calibration equipment.


 Based on the module (A/D) conversion and digital processing (DSP) technology

 Using precision digital synthesis and sine pulse width modulation technology

 With intelligent system control technology, multiple CPU processing together

 Reliable multi-plex pulse detection and precision error processing technology.

 SPWM  technical power amplifier, Large capacity, high performance, low power consumption,Auto alarm protection.

 Each position error distributed network processor, prevent high voltage protection, support multiplex pulse signal input

 Support the diversification of high pressure part design

 Modular design, parts commonality is good, easy to remove and easy to maintain.

 One-click calibration control system, according to the project completion

 Aluminum alloy Standard Cabinet

 Satisfied all kind of functional requirements.

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