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single phase portable test equipment(with internal reference standard meter)

HS-3103 is small-sized, light-weight single phase equipment.They adopt SPWM power amplifier technology, equip with high accuracy digital reference standard meter, MSPT etc., to operate high precise energy error calibration. They also equip with PC control software and offer whole solution scheme for energy meter automatic calibration, also can supply DLL for second research; greatly improve user’s control and manager ability to equipment.

HS-3103 is widely used in many sectors to test and calibrate energy meters, such as in electric power sector, transportation sector and so on, also used in energy meter factories and suitable for all kinds of single-phase meters、multifunction single-phase meter、smart single-phase meter. It is small-sized, easy to move and operate.


◆ Based on A/D and DSP technology

◆ Use DDS and SPWM technology

◆ Equip with smart system control technology and CPU

◆ Precise error processing technology

◆ SPWM power amplifier, huge content, high performance, and low consumption, automatic alarm 

◆ Each station has an error processor, anti-high electric power

◆ Modules design, easy to install and debug

◆ Automatically finish testing according to scheme through one-click

◆ Aluminum frame, beautiful and strong

◆ Customized according to the customers’ requirements

◆ Small-sized, light-weight, and big output power

◆ Flexible operation, can control each output factor fast

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☆ means special functions