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HS-5300 Three Phase Reference Standard Energy Meter

Benefit from the newest digital electronic technology ,HS-5300 Three Phase Reference Standard Energy Meter is mainly composed of high performance digital processing units(DSP),、Complex programmable logic device(CPLD)、High precision wide range of active CT and stable circuit several major components. 

As the standard meter for testing energy meter and electrotechnical instrument,also can use for precision testing all kinds of AC power.It’s used for calibration center,Power supply factory calibration department,National metrology testing institutions,quality inspection department,scientific research units,energy meter and electrotechnical instrument production enterprises. 


◆ Adopting digital phase-locking and digital filtering technology

◆ High stability of active compensation current transformer, wide measuring range, high precision, good stability for a long time

◆ Can measure the voltage, current, frequency, phase and active/reactive power, apparent power at the same time. 

◆ Can output active and reactive power signals at the same time, also can output a variety of apparent power signal

◆ Have electricity pulse input port,can test all kinds of active/reactive energy meter Error

 Adopting aluminium alloycrate, sturdy and durable

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Remark 1:The accuracy of electric energy measurement is the same as the corresponding power measurement accuracy.

Remark 2: P/Q/S  Accuracy of measurement under the condition of the power factor > 0.25.