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POWER-GEN common concern EP will be held in Beijing in November

Organized by the China Electricity Council, Adsale Exhibition Services Company Limited, "Sixteenth International Electric Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition (EPChina2016)" and the "Ninth International Electrotechnical Equipment Exhibition (ElectricalChina2016)", and "2016 China international power and energy saving technology and equipment exhibition "will be held November 2 to 4, held in Beijing China international exhibition Center (Jing Zhuang Hall).

    In recent years, around the smart grid construction, distribution network transformation, Long Park Group to accelerate the research and development capabilities of intelligent devices. In these new technologies, Long Park Group launched in situ of the protection device, using the IP67 protection, low power consumption, maintenance-free, to meet the equipment unprotected place of the arrangement. Distribution network intelligent integration of comprehensive anti-error management system to effectively put an end to the operation of the distribution network scheduling error, misuse and other security risks, improve the reliability and power quality, reduce incident handling time.

    Further, in the hot field of electric vehicles, Long Park Group will bring electric vehicle charging solutions portfolio, including key equipment for the DC charging piles, AC charging and operation of the monitoring system; for society centralized charging stations, charging special focus provide comprehensive electric vehicle charging stations and other solutions; offers a variety of modes of cooperation based on customer demand, charging equipment, the factory package, operate independently and the like.

    In terms of industries, Long Park Group to develop AT500E-P Smart Key and lock management system combines industrial networking, cloud computing, intelligent control and other advanced technology, the use of online authentication + smart unlock unique program, a comprehensive and effective solution to industrial areas lock management problems.

    Not only domestic companies for the exhibition carefully prepared, foreign attaches great importance to the exhibition. It is understood that Siemens booth will highlight its equipment and solutions in the field of electricity. Such as Siemens medium voltage switchgear equipment, systems and solutions, outdoor fast fuse protection switch. It is worth mentioning that, to improve the quality of power supply in remote areas is one of the most important tasks of today's power plants. To reduce the number of power outages, duration and the number of customers affected, Siemens outdoor fast fuse protection switch offers the perfect solution for overhead protection branch. It is almost possible to completely avoid the overhead support on the road hazard occurs when a temporary fault current. Because Siemens outdoor fuse fast protection switching the unique ability to quickly lift the fault, when the fault line occurs when a temporary outdoor fuse can be reliably protected.