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three phase portable test equipment(with external reference standard meter)

HS-3303B is small-sized, light-weight three-phase equipment. They adopt SPWM power amplifier technology, equip with high accuracy digital reference standard meter, MSPT etc., to operate high precise energy error calibration.


HS-3303B  equip with PC control software and offer whole solution scheme for energy meter automatic calibration, also can supply DLL for second research; greatly improve user’s control and manager ability to equipment.


◆ Based on A/D and DSP technology

◆ Use DDS and SPWM technology

◆ Equip with smart system control technology and CPU

◆ Precise error processing technology

◆ SPWM power amplifier, huge content, high performance, and low consumption, automatic alarm

◆ Each station has an error processor, anti-high electric power

◆ Modules design, easy to install and debug

Automatically finish testing according to scheme through one-click

◆ Aluminum frame, beautiful and strong

◆ Customized according to the customers’ requirements

◆ Small-sized, light-weight, and big output power

◆ Flexible operation, can control each output factor fast

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☆ means special functions